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State of the Internet in Sweden 2020-03-18 16:00

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In this blog, we try to assess the health of the Swedish Internet during this crisis. We aim to mitigate the generation of fake news and rumours. This is the information we at Netnod currently know about.

There has been some discussion about how the Internet will cope with possible increases in traffic. In response to this, I have compared the traffic on the Netnod-IX over the last three Mondays. As we can see below, March 2 and 9 had similar traffic patterns, but March 16 is different. The increase in peak traffic is small, but the total amount of traffic per day is larger.


General developments we are aware of during the last 24h:

  • SUNET (part of the Swedish Research Council) announced they have increased the number of licenses for the video conference solution they have by another 100 000 users (to 120 000) for higher education in the Nordic countries.

Source: https://www.vr.se/english/just-now/news/news-archive/2020-03-17-increased-capacity-for-zoom-users.html

  • We continue to see incidents and background noise on the Internet as normal. For example, between approximately 13:26 and 13:53 today, a Netnod customer was the target of a Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack.

Graph of Ddos

Patrik Fältström
Technical Director and Head of Security

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Patrik "paf" Fältström
Technical Director and Head of Security
Patrik "paf" Fältström